Field Maple Trees

Field Maple Trees

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Field Maple

Field Maple

Field maple trees are a broadleaf deciduous tree native to the UK and most of Europe.

Scientific name: Acer campestre Family: Sapindaceae

As with all field maple trees, the sap can be used to make maple syrup.

Mature field maple trees can grow to 20m and live for up to 350 years. Field maple bark is light brown and flaky, and twigs are slender and brown, and develop a corky bark with age. Small, grey leaf buds grow on long stems.

Leaves: small, dark green and shiny, with five lobes and rounded teeth. They fade to a rich golden yellow before falling in autumn.

Flowers: the flowers appear to be hermaphrodite, meaning that both male and female reproductive parts are contained within one flower. However, they are likely to be dominated by either male or female parts. They are small, yellow-green, cup-shaped and hang in clusters.

Fruits: after pollination by insects, flowers develop into large, winged fruits, which are dispersed by wind.

Field Maple will grow on most sites though it is especially happy on shallow soil over limestone and for this reason is very at home in Southern England where it is commonly found at field edges and as a standard tree. Field maple also makes a wonderful hedging plant and is nearly as common in native countryside hedges as Hawthorn or Blackthorn. The reason for this is that field maple will take fairly severe cutting.  Field maple can also be laid, helping to create a strong stock proof hedge.