Laurel (Common) Hedge Plants

Laurel (Common) Hedge Plants

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Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is an ideal evergreen screening plant. It has large glossy green leaves and white flowers in the spring. Laurel hedge plants are fast growing and can reach a height of around five metres. Laurel will grow in most conditions and should be trimmed in late summer as growth begins to slow. Laurel is a fast growing dense shrub perfect for garden boundaries.

If required, Laurel hedge plants can be clipped to maintain a medium height, more formal hedge. .

  • Full sun/shade
  • Any soil – well drained
  • Growth rate 30-60cm per year

Our Laurel stocks are continually changing so please contact us for sizes and for details of plants not listed here.

For additional information on caring for your Laurel hedge plants please see our page on planting tips, pruning and after care advice or call us on 01798 831008 for further advice.

    Laurel 30cm br           Laurel 80-100cm

    Laurel 30cm br                         Laurel 80-100cm rb

    Available Nov -April            £9.80  Available Nov-April


    Laurel Hedge Plants for Sale Online - Mill Farm Plants

    Laurel (Common)
    60cm 2lit. pot

    available all year

  • Laurel 110cm - 120cm 15 lit pot

    Laurel (Common)
    1m 20 litre pot

    available all year


  • Laurel hedge plant, 2 metre 25litre

    Laurel (Common)
    1.75-2m 35 litre pot

    available all year


    We always have many different sizes and prices in stock.




  1. :

    Ordered Portugese Laurel from Mill farm trees for a new hedge at bottom of garden. Plants were 80-100cm and were in fantastic condition when delivered with sturdy rootballs and new growth sprouting from each shrub. Have had plants three weeks and they have established themselves well. I would wholly recommend Mill farms for their great service and will be returning again.

  2. :

    Have ordered laurels, leylandii and more from mill farm , all plants were in good health with a good root stock and advice has always been informative and clear. All hedging i have purchased over last few years is still growing well and in great condition.
    I would always highly recommend!

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