Snowy Mespilus Trees – AMELANCHIER – MULTI-STEMMED (Amelanchier lamarkii)

Snowy Mespilus Trees – AMELANCHIER – MULTI-STEMMED (Amelanchier lamarkii)


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Snowy Mespilus trees (amelanchier) are a hardy small tree or shrub, mostly from North America. Snowy Mespilus trees are sometimes called shadbush or June service berry. The name snowy mespilus refers to the white, starry flowers that appear in late spring – mostly on bare wood.

The fresh copper-red leaves emerge just as the flowers finish and the foliage turns green in summer before reddening up again in autumn. The moisture-loving Snowy Mespilus tree can also produce edible, currant-like fruits in autumn.

Generally Snowy Mespilus is a good choice for a small garden as they rarely exceed five metres in height.

The Snowy Mespilus is a delightful, low maintenance shrub or small tree which is covered with large white flowers in spring. A superb choice for planting as a either a stand-alone specimen or as part of a mixed border.

Planting Snowy Mespilus in full sun is recommended. Plant trees 9 feet apart as a hedgerow. Snowy Mespilus requires pruning yearly; late winter or early spring is best before the new leaves appear. remove just what is necessary. Leaving some old growth is important, as the flowers form on old wood. Amelanchier lamarckii can also be trained as a single stemmed tree. No routine pruning is necessary. However, the lowest branches can be removed as the tree matures to leave a short clear trunk. These ornamental trees and shrubs enjoy growing on clay in an open position. They are not fussy, but they don’t do well on limey soil.