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Leyland Cypress Hedge Plants

Cupressus leylandii
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Leylandii is a fast growing hedge providing excellent screening for privacy. It is a hardy hybrid cross, providing a reduction in noise and car pollution and provides an effective wind break. Leylandii is a hardy unfussy plant and will grow in either full sun or shade, in any soils including chalky types.

Leylandii are bushy and can be maintained at any height, requiring trimming at least once a year. Once the height required is established you can trim off the leader branch and it will continue to spread sideways and provide shade and shelter for wildlife too.

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LEYLAND CYPRESS ROOT BALLED - LEYLAND CYPRESS ROOT BALLED - Size: 3.0m - 3.5m root balled 1+ £65.00 Out of stock | Email me when back in stock | Add to wishlist
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