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Spiral Guards

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Our Spiral Guards (rabbit guards) and Bamboo Canes are the perfect solution for ensuring your newly planted, and smaller more delicate young plants are well protected from windy conditions, and wildlife such as rabbits. Rabbit Guards and Canes can be used in a wide range of planting applications, including:-

Hedgerow planting: Farm Hawthorn/Conservation Hedges use 40-60cm plants at 4-6 plants per metre (60-90cm transplants for instant effect). We advise the use of spiral guards and canes for plant support, rabbit and spray protection.

Farm and Amenity Woodland: 40-60 Forest Trees planted in 1.2m shelters for deer protection or 60-90cm trees in spiral guards with support cane.

Landscaping, Screen and Garden Planting: Feathered Trees and Whips 120-150cm with guard and 120cm support cane or standard (8-10ft) trees held by stake and buckle tie.


You will need to buy canes if you are using spiral guards as they pin the guard in place. These can then be used windy areas to support newly planted bare root plants up to about 1m. For further advice on protecting your plants please call us on 01798 831008 or Email Us at

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