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Fagus purpurea
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Copper Beech plants (Fagus purpurea) make an attractive formal hedge with minimal maintenance required. The leaves of Copper Beech hedge are purple in spring and summer.

If trimmed in late summer the Copper Beech will retain its leaves making an attractive bronze hedge for most of the winter.

Copper Beech hedging plants prefer a well drained soil, and is not best suited to wet conditions where Hornbeam hedging plants would fare better giving a similar effect.

A Copper Beech hedge should be planted at a rate of five plants per metre in a double staggered row. It can grow to a height of around 2m.

Copper Beech is also a valuable addition to a native farm hedging mix.  Mixed native farm hedges are excellent for attracting birds and other wildlife as hedges play host to insects, berries and other sources of food for wildlife. Native mixed hedges also offer winter protection for wildlife.

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