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Mill Farm Plants Ornamental Wildlife Hedging

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Mill Farm Plants Ornamental Wildlife Hedging Mix provides a decorative mixture of species selected for flower, berry and autumn colour. Ornamental hedging plants will provide year round interest, with a colourful range of leaves, flowers and bark, most suited for the garden.  Planting Ornamental hedging provides a healthier environment for your garden, shelter for many species yet adds plenty of visual interest with contrasting colour, different leaf shapes and fruits, seeds and haws, all of which birds love and will be attracted into your garden.

If hedging for an area containing livestock is required then our Native Farm Hedging Mix would make a better choice. Ornamental Wildlife Hedging is supplied at the rate of 5 plants per metre, planted in this way creates a dense colourful hedge offering protection and food for wildlife throughout the year. Ornamental Hedging comprises 60% Hawthorn and made up with 40% shrubs showing flower or autumn colour.

Some suggestions are Hazel, or Goat willow,with catkins first emerging in Spring. Dog or Ramanas roses ramble with beautiful pink splashes of colour. Guelder Rose provide white flower heads and later glossy red berries. Wild fruit like crab apple with bee attracting blossoms and firm small apples in clusters, great for the kitchen cook. Other species suggested are Amelanchier, beautiful white swathes of flowers and beautiful leaf colour in Autumn, Wayfarer with white flower heads or Spindle with contrasting bright pink fruits with orange centres.

Ornamental hedge mix is provided subject to plant availability and cost, which can be discussed prior to purchase.

 Plant hedging when plants are dormant, mix good compost in with the soil and keep watering young hedges when dry and you will be rewarded with a beautiful hedge for many years to come.

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