Leyland Cypress Hedge Plants

Leyland Cypress Hedge Plants

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Leyland Cypress (Cupressus leylandii) is the fastest growing of all hedging plants, either clipped to form a dense hedge or allowed to grow into a large tree. Leyland Cypress hedge plants can tolerate the most exposed situations and makes an excellent barrier or screen. They are widely used as a quick-growing and effective hedge or screen, plus they are a popular choice for providing privacy and security.

• Full sun/partial shade
• Any soil not waterlogged
• Growth rate 60 – 90 cms/year

Our Leyland Cypress hedge plant stocks are continually changing so please contact us for sizes and plants not listed here.

For additional information on planting leylandii hedge plants, pruning and plant care please see our page on planting tips, pruning and after care advice

  • Leyland Cypress
    80-100cm potted

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    Leyland Cypress                    Leyland Cypress
    150-175cm                              175 – 200cm

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    2-2.5m                                   2-4m

  • Large Leylandii




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