Buxus sempervirens
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Box (Buxus sempervirens) is a true classic and features in many formal gardens. Our Box hedging plants give evergreen structure to any garden,

Box hedge plants are slow growing and easy to maintain. Box hedge grows 10-15cm a year. Box will benefit from mulching, especially in thinner sandier soils and will survive better in drier conditions. Box have fleshy shallow root system, keep well nutrient rich, and if planting Box near vegetables, plant Box away from the edge of vegetable growth to give it good aeration or it will become swamped and become damp and that will attract fungal diseases.

A Box hedge should be trimmed once a year, traditionally in June after which it will put on fresh lime green foliage. Box should be hand sheared rather than using a trimmer, trim on dry days and the fewer cut edges will discourage diseases like Box blight. Box can be trimmed more than once a year, but not too late in the season, as soft growth is susceptible to frost damage.

Box hedging plants will grow in most soils except in waterlogged conditions and will benefit from a high nitrogen feed once or twice a year in the spring and early summer. To create a dense Box hedge the Box should be planted at a rate of six plants per metre in a double staggered row.

  • Full sun/partial shade
  • Any good soil not dry or waterlogged
  • Growth rate 10-15cms/year

The Box species typically grows on soils derived from chalk, limestone. Box Hill, Surrey is named after its impressive box plants, it is the largest area of native box woodland in England.

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