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Griselinia (littoralis) also known as broadleaf or New Zealand privet, is a fast growing, low maintenance tidy plant. Griselinia was introduced to UK in the late 1800's.

Griselinia has glossy bright green soft oval shaped leaves, with soft stems. Griselinia have small yellow/green flowers bearing purple berries on female plants.

Griselinia grow between 40-6ocm a year once established, and single specimens can grow up to 4-8m in height and up to 4m wide.

Griselinia is a popular plant for hedging and responds well to trimming, which should be done in spring and Autumn. Feed in March and August and it will then provide all year round, a neat dense hedge. The foliage is perfect for flower arranging.

Griselinia  are happy on most soils including coastal situations and in sheltered inland areas, but will not respond well in cold gardens or very harsh winters. Generally will survive to -10c degrees, without becoming damaged, but needs a sunnier position.

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